About Taylor

Taylor Giacoma is a singer, pianist, composer, conductor, arranger, tutor and founder of Semitone Studios. The music she writes and performs is often mistaken for something from a musical or Disney film, and though it doesn't fall neatly into any one genre it is often described as musical-theatre-y piano pop. Even her covers, which range from early 20th century musical theatre to Linkin Park, are unique. Known primarily for her original music, she writes highly unusual, narrative songs inspired by topics ranging from love and loss to cataclysmic magnetic stars, time dilation, and fourth century saints.

Sweeping effortlessly from dark, intense classical influences, to a serene yet forlorn folk sound in a matter of a single verse, you’ll find yourself away on a musical journey, wondering how on earth that last song switched genre and style without you even noticing. - Tom Hodgson, Dharmajunk

Taylor is an American, but lives in Marple in the Northwest of England. She is primarily based at Semitone, which she founded in 2013. Dedicated to helping musicians and other creative folk Taylor Giacomafind their way one tiny step at a time, Semitone is quickly becoming known as a go-to venue for original music as well as a hub for people in the community to come together to share in the joy of performance.

As a tutor, Taylor works with students of all ages at all levels in a wide variety of styles and genres. Her own musical education has been a journey from learning to play the piano by ear, later being classically trained in voice and piano, and finally finding her own personal style. She draws on this experience and encourages students to explore anything and everything that inspires them.

As a choral conductor, Taylor challenges her singers with everything from Elgar to Elton and Monteverdi to the Monkees, and sometimes her own arrangements and compositions. 

Taylor is also a proud member of Marple Runners and an active member of the Quaker community.