Wilmslow Guild Lockdown Concert

Wilmslow Guild Singing for Fun Lockdown Concert

Taylor has been working with the Wilmslow Guild Singing for Fun choirs throughout lockdown, meeting each week to learn new pieces and record them, one person at a time, during their sessions. Taylor mixed the audio so that the singers could enjoy singing with each other, even apart.

Taylor and the choirs shared their hard work at a very special concert on 7 July. Using two concurrent Zoom sessions and the mixed audio recordings, she led the choirs in song for an audience of friends and family. It was a joyous celebration of music and togetherness.



Coronavirus Appeal Update

Taylor Giacoma Emergency Coronavirus Appeal

Taylor is pleased to announce that Safety Net 19 raised £735 for Stockport Mind's Emergency Coronavirus Appeal, and even got a special thank you mention. Thanks to all who helped make it happen, especially the amazing live music community at Semitone Studios.

The appeal is still ongoing, and it's not too late to donate. Visit the JustGiving page to help.



New Single Safety Net 19 Released

Safety Net 19 on Spotify

Safety Net 19 has now been released and is available on Spotify, iTunes, and on other online retailers to be streamed and purchased online.

Pre-release copies of the song were given to participants in the Everyone Needs a Safety Net fundraiser, part of the Stockport Mind Emergency Coronavirus Appeal, which was a huge success and exceeded its target. More information on the final results of the fundraiser will be posted as it is available.



Virtual CMV Folk 'n' Roots Festival

CMV Promo

Taylor will be going live Sunday 17 May at 7:45pm (BST) at the Virtual CMV Folk 'n' Roots Festival on Facebook. Tune in here.



Everyone Needs a Safety Net

Safety Net 19 Stockport Mind

Pre-release copies of Safety Net 19 are now being made available to anyone who participates in Everyone Needs a Safety Net, a fundraiser set up to support Stockport Mind's Emergency Coronavirus Appeal. 

From Stockport Mind:

"Since this situation came about, at times our helpline has been non-stop, with many people who have never contacted us before ringing in crisis, as well as those we know. Outbound calls to those we already support have gone up 68%, with a 63% increase in length of time spent on calls.

But our financial position has become precarious overnight, so we are now urgently in need of support to meet this growing demand. We had budgeted for £3000 income from fundraising activities every month, funding vital functions such as our telephone helpline that saves lives, but this has dropped off very quickly."

Taylor writes: "Everyone needs a safety net. Stockport Mind is that safety net for many people. They need our help, and they need it now. Between now and the release date, 17 May, all who donate will receive a free mp3 of Safety Net 19 as thanks."

Please visit the JustGiving page to find out more.



New Video for Safety Net 19

Wayne McDonald of Manchester-based band Picnic Area has created a heartwarming, inspirational video for Safety Net 19, which focuses on how we need to hold on to each other during these difficult times. Please watch and share.



Safety Net 19

Safety Net 19

Taylor is pleased to announce that Safety Net 19 will be released on 17 May.

Safety Net 19 is a collaboration between Taylor and producer Mark Allen, to be released 17 May 2020. Safety Net was originally released June 2018 as a vocal/piano piece written by Taylor. Mark Allen has breathed new life into the song by adding some production magic from his studio Benchmark Productions in East Nashville, Tennessee. Taylor writes:

"The title Safety Net 19 has been chosen out of respect for the amazing people all over the world, particularly those working in hospitals, who are helping others. The outbreak of COVID-19 has turned our world upside-down in ways we never imagined; causing pain, death, and heartbreak everywhere we look. But it has also challenged us to be there for one another like never before, and it is this togetherness that will help us through. We all must now be safety nets - for each other."