EF Eridanus

EF Eridanus
Am I imagining
I am a lot like you
You are a lot like me

You're up there orbiting
I'm down here orbiting
Both of us going around and around and

Around a lover we're cosmically paired with
But never intended to reach
Only just closer to distance
And then go around again

Here in a universe
Stingy with gravity
I try to find my place

Lost in a sky of much
Brighter more beautiful
Heavenly bodies

Totally fixed on the
One I am orbiting
I may have lost myself

Constantly moving and
Not getting anywhere
I just keep spinning and spinning and spinning and

I don't have anywhere to go
I just keep falling for him
I just get closer to distance
And then go around again

Two separate beings on
Two separate paths but yet
Bound by a force we don't understand

Drawn to him no longer out of love
I am stuck
In an orbit that I can't change

Closer and closer
But farther and farther
I'm losing myself to him

The more that I give
The less I seem to matter but
I just keep giving and giving and giving and

I don't have anymore love to give
To the man I've been loving
I just get closer to distance
And then go around again

I am not just a part of a pair
I can shine on my own
But I just get closer to distance
I'd rather fall out of the sky
Than go 'round one more time

EF Eridanus
You have my sympathies
Loneliness comes in pairs
For unrequited lovers

Goodnight Eridanus
Infinite traveler