Hold On I

Brake lights
Cornfield monotony
And a million white hyphens
Between you and me

But it’s a little less far
From where you are
As I’m driving down the highway
Putting loneliness behind me

Singing softly to myself
About the miles left to go

And I know that the distance that I drive
Won’t close the distance that’s between us
And I know no matter how far I go
I will never reach you

I’m trying to stay
Between the lines on the road
And I’m trying to read
Between the lines when you say
That you’ll love me forever and ever although
We are miles apart and drifting away

And I can’t say I’ve ever had much
Of a sense of direction
But I always thought I had a sense of myself
But it’s clear that my compass
Needs some correction
As I find myself driven by somebody else

And how long before I get there
There’s no signs along the way
And how long before you really get me
It’s too much time to just throw it all away

And I don’t know just where I am going
But it’s in this direction
And it’s better than where
I have been up to now
Moving fast as I can
From a fear of rejection
I would go my own way
If I only knew how

Long distance between us on the highway
Long distance between us when we touch
Maybe you should go your way
And I should go my way
I’m beginning to think
That I love you too much

I need to be with you
I need to go to you
And as I go
I still don’t know

If you really love me
I don’t know
If you know what that means
And I can’t
Make you love me
But my will
Is stronger than it seems

My center of gravity shifts
As I cross the state line
And I don’t know what I’m
Holding onto
But I know that it’s mine

Moving down the road
And I think I’ve lost my way
And is it just me
Or is this road getting longer

So I sing myself back home again
Tell myself everything’s ok
And when I think about turning around
I just get stronger

This is the only love
That I have ever known
And so I tell myself it must be real
And I know it isn’t perfect
But it’s better than being alone

And so I shift the gears
I hit the gas
I grip the wheel
And I sing

I'll hold on
To whatever I can
Anything's better than nothing
I'll hold on
For whatever it's worth
For whatever I'm worth
And that's nothing