The Joker

If the movers and shakers
Were all at the table
And the low cards were willing
And the queen she was able
Would you just hide your aces
Away up your sleeve
And wait for the jacks
And the kings to take leave

Or would you for once in your life
Play the game
And raise all the stakes
And risk your good name
Would you play yours face up
And face front at the lineup
Without counting your diamonds
Or hoarding your hearts up
Could you once in your life
Just go way too far
And show all the kingdom
The joker you are

Said the man to the dealer
Are they stacked in my favor
How is my hand
And what should I wager
I've little left to lose
And I'm fresh out of aces
I can't see their cards
And I can't read their faces

Said the dealer to the man
There's a lot on the table
So play what you can
And bet what you're able
'Cause it's more than a game
And there's more here at stake
Than the cards that you play
Or the bets that you make
And beware of the king
Lest he force you to choose
'Cause he doesn't know what you win
If you lose

So I'd play all I can
And I'd bet all I got
And I'd leave the table knowing
That I had given it my best shot
'Cause son this is the game
Yeah, and these are the cards
So play all of yours
Like the joker you are