Kissaka I

Pink flamingo girl
I heard they let you
Out of the zoo in your Izuzu
But did they let you
Go real far
Or just around the block
While the zookeeper watched
From your cage
Heaven forbid
You should think for yourself
At this age

Hush little baby
Don't say a word
Your mama's got
A nasty grudge
And if she lets it go too far
She'll have the zebras wondering
What she's been up to at night
Some of these things
Don't break down well into
Black and white
And mama don't like grey

La dee da
La dee da
La dee da

Been reading your Canterbury tales
Just to see what you're up to
And if I flip to the back page
What will it say
About the day
That you got too good
Much as I hate to admit it
I knew that you would

This little piggy
Went to the city
Looking for a way to be
Be careful what you wish for honey
'Cause me and the tooth fairy
Drink every Saturday night
One of these days
Gonna tell him to go put you right
And what's behind that smile

La dee da
Talkin' 'bout
La dee da
La dee da

La dee da
La dee da
Kissaka miss you honey but
La dee da

You're a big girl now honey
Don't you know
The way it goes
No matter what mama says
Two faces don't make a right
And you have to face it don't you

But sister tell me
How’s your conscience